Thursday, March 1, 2007

Shake, Rattle, and Rant...

So, i hadn't realized just how large my font was in the last post and it makes it look like i rambled on for 2 screens. So in an effect to still rant like a mad man but make it look more managable, i've decided to use a smaller font in hopes to fool all of you!

So last night was pretty freakin awesome! Me, Rachel, and Bruiser went up to Five guys for dinner. Then we went to the beach and walked up and down that for a while. It was really nice to be just the two of us out and about. THe weather was really nice and we decided that we are going to try to do this on a weekly basis. Afterwards we went over to my mom's house and picked up a few of my things one of which was.......*cue FF end fight music* THE COMPUTER!!!!!! So, that's pretty exciting. I'm going to move iTunes onto my portable harddrive so that i can carry my library with me if need be. It will also allow me and rachel to upload all of our cd's onto the portable harddrive and leave our mine drive free of the 100+gigs of music that we have together on cd's and my vast computer library of music as well. BTW Josh and emily and i'm still looking for the string quartet tribute to Coheed and Cambria, as soon as i find it i'll let ya'll know.

We also brought home my gas powered airsoft beretta *excited* This is by far my favorite airsoft gun. The epic sexiness of this pistol is unmatched in the airsoft world. I don't know how much airsoft i'll be playing anymore, but with the gas powered and my l33t spring rifle i should be ready for just about anything. I had the spring crono'd with 3 shots at 472, 468, 478. The pistol only hits for around 390-420. The only drawback (but also really neat feature) to the rifle is that it actually actually ejects spent shells after each shot, you have to pull back the bolt to reload and the shell pops out. This is bad if you in a big field and have to hunt down the shells after each match.

I'm hoping to go out and play some paintball again soon. I need to get a new O ring for my expansion chamber, i cracked it the last time we played and haven't fixed it yet. I'd like to invest in an electronic hopper before i go back out, but i don't know if funds and time will allow that.

As far as the comic scene goes i think the only way i would ever be able to do one is by ripping graphics from a game similar to how used to do them. I don't have time to really play games anymore, but i know that you can download a UO client onto your computer and play around in a world by yourself... *evil grin* which leads to many silly ideas and thoughts for comedic situations. Another idea would be to just create signatures for forums and the likes. I've gotten plenty of ideas from one of the forums that i read and have even made some myself. These could be modified but here are the sigs so far:

I'm not sure though if there's a huge demand MS paint-made signatures. They seem to work for what i use them for, but *sigh* perhaps this is all just a pipe dream. If you support this cause....encourage me!!!! Otherwise...GO TO HALIBUT!

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