Thursday, March 8, 2007

*insert witty and humorous title here*

Ok so, today is a big day! I've got my second interview with Vystar today with one of their call center managers. If this interview goes well, they'll extend the job offer to me! w00t w00t!

In other news, i think i split one of my teeth 2 days ago. My mouth is in a lot of pain right now, it's on the left side of my mouth on the top. It's a throbbing pain and feels like i need to rip out my tooth! I end up taking 2 tylenol and 2 advil about every 4 hours to make it managable. Last night i went to bed before american idol was ove.....i mean manly manivision! I definately wasn't watching american idol. *shifty eyes*

Bruiser is being a bit of a pain right now, he figured out a way to climb over the baby gate we bought to keep him out of the halls and bedrooms. I was really proud of how smart he was to figure out how to do it, but now he does it all the time and we are trying to keep him from doing it all the time. He also pooped in the kitchen last nite *sigh* We really need to get him into training.

As noted in Emily's Blog, 300 comes out tonite at midnight! I really want to see it!!! I say that a group of us plan on seeing it this weekend somewhere! I don't know if rachel wants to see it, she isn't a fan of gorey battles and the likes. Maybe we can have two groups one group can see the manly man movie (300) and the other group can see the fluffy cutesy loving girly movie (anything with hugh grant)

Also, in case you don't already know! Our wedding pictures are online now, so if you know me and want to see them, email me and i'll find a way to let you see them.

And thats the news.
I'm Ron Burgandy, you stay classy San Francisco.


Emily said...

I want to be in the manly man movie group!!!!!! *shakes fist*

Josh and I MIGHT be seeing the midnight showing of 300 tonight, but he was deathly ill yesterday and might still be sick today so if that's the case, we won't be going tonight. Did you know that it's going to play in the IMAX theater as well? I'm not sure if it's supposed to start tomorrow like the regular theaters or not, but if it does, I vote we all go see it in THAT!

Josh Ulrich said...

Yeah, I am all about me some Imax.

So, are you guys actualy spanking the dog and pointing his face at his salty leavings, and THEN taking him outside? or just taking him outside? If you don't punish him, he's not gonna stop. Don't listen to the hippies!!!