Wednesday, February 28, 2007

First Post, Rant, and Rave.....

Ok So the only real reason that i even started a blog is because i saw josh's and i need something to do with my free time at work or otherwise.

Work is, well work. With the Department getting shutdown at an unannounced date it makes work difficult and it's hard to get motivated at all. Most of the calls i recieve during the day are the same things over and over again.

"...why does my billing statement show two payments due..."

"...The billing statement was sent out before we recieved your last payment, please disregard that..."


"...why is there a late charge on my account..."

"...We recieved your payment 15 days after the DUEDATE, therefore a latefee was assessed on the account..."

It's just the same 5 situations that i keep hearing, occasionally i get a call that is different, but it's getting old. Before they told us that we were being let go, i had the motivation to keep doing my job because i believed that i was working towards a promotion or a new position higher up in the company. Now that there aren't going to be any promotions it's hard to stay motivated and keep doing the same job.

*Sigh* but enough about the old Job. I had an assessment at Vystar to work in their call center and i passed, so now i have an interview setup on Monday. I'm really hoping that they offer me the job since it would be so close to home and i'd be making more than i am now.

Bruiser, our 8 week old german shepard puppy, seems to be adapting really well to his life with us. He's become very playful at night, running around the house and barking at himself in the mirror....unfortunately he did try to hump my leg twice last nite.. *angry face*... Rachel laughed at me and decided to call her mom and tell her. At night he normally whines for 15-20 minutes before he finally realizes no one is going to let him out.

Rachel and I, are looking for something new and exciting to do during the week so we don't feel trapped inside the house. I suggested building a go-kart.....but she voted against that. So if anyone has any ideas, please help us out. We'd like to include bruiser in it since we are trying to keep him in the cage as little as possible.

I think i'm decided to try my hand at a web comic ....


Ok so being a credit bereau specialist appearently means that anyone can call me at anytime and demand that i correct some issue with their credit rating *throat punches the customer*

Back to the web comic.....I'm not even sure how i would set it up. I can't draw very well so means i can't really do comics like or I can't really paint so that leaves out the style of The only one that might be an option for in terms of style would be w/o the language.

Oh well.... maybe i'll collaborate with an artist and figure something out.

Alright it's lunch time, and today is potluck...see you all in about 10 chicken wings!


Rachel said...

You have failed to list the reasons why you don't have a beard. Allow me to remedy this for you:

1. Beards can be very painful when kissing the one you love.

2. Your facial hair is not quite dense enough to grow out a beard.

3. Beards are for people too lazy to shave, and, although you may be lazy, I serve as your motivation to shave.

4. Cat Stevens has a beard now, and he practices Islam ... and writes songs about billboards he sees for companies.

5. You're hairy enough!

I could go on, but it may get a bit redundant.

I bid you adieu!

Josh Ulrich said...

6. You'll never have a beard as sweet as Chuck Norris, so why even bother?