Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Vini Vici Victum eBlogger!

vinco vici victum : conquer, overcome, master, win, surpass, excel


So, reason's why i hate eBlogger!

It's really only one reason and i'm not sure if it's just my computer at work or if anyone else runs into this same problem.

When ever i make an update to my eblog, it dosen't seem to show up. In fact my blogger title stills shows as "Reasons i don't have a beard" as opposed to "Malice in Wonderland."

The only way i can find to show my new posts is to go to the Year marker on the side column and show all the posts made for that year, THEN and only THEN will it show my new posts, and if i leave the page and then come back to it later, i'll have to do it again. Does this happen to anyone else? I noticed it on Josh and Emily's blogs as well. I missed 3 blogs from emily because she surpasses my postnicity but josh had only posted one that i missed.

Also, it will sometimes say 0 comments, but i'll find if i click, i do in fact have comments that aren't registering. Is this happening to anyone else?

*sigh* on an up note....i've discovered that latin makes really mundane phrases sound amazing! Find an english to latin converter on the internet somewhere and translate something simple or stupid like the dog runs to the fence, or Tyranny is the mantle of those too weak to fight for truth.......

See what it comes out to, it may take a little bit to figure out how to decipher to roots and breakdowns of latin, but it's alot of fun!

Now back to my book. Just finished book 4 of the Avatar Series, Last book and then i can start something new!

Until our swords part and our backs are broken from bounty!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oderint Dum Metuant

So that is definately one of the coolest latin phrases i've ever come across. It's rough translation is "Let them Hate, so long as they fear." While a more literal translation would be something along the lines of:
odio : to hate, despite, hold in contempt, dislike strongly.
v *erint 1-5 3p pf act sub if they were to have been at peace.

dum : while, as long as, until.

metuo : to fear, dread, be frightened.
v *ant 1 3p pr act ind they see, they do see, they are seeing

hahaha, so latin is pretty fantastic.

So my mom is coming over thursday night to have dinner with me and rachel.....which isn't a bad thing, it's just we sometimes run out of things to talk about.

Anyone who wants to go see 300 again, or for the first time, LET ME KNOW!!! i want to see it, but rachel dosen't so i need to find someone to go with so i can see it.

I think that's about it for now. Umm...

Sigh, this post should contain more information, oh well. Enjoy!

Monday, March 12, 2007

New Title and Attitude!!!!

So i totally ripped my new title off of someone on Shadow Legacy. My title on there is the ArchMage Lathrop, but i saw Malice in Wonderland and thought it was witty. So being the dexterous theif that i am, i promptly stole the man's title and used it for my blog.

This weekend was pretty busy all around. I spent Saturday at the Chiropractor and then installing a ceiling fan in our living room. w00t w00t . It wasn't nearly as difficult as i thought it might have been. Later that day Rachel and I went to dinner at Panera and then went to movie stop where i finally found a used copy of Grey's Anatomy Season 2. With my $25 gift card, my $3.98 store credit, and my discount card i ended up only having to pay 15 cents for the box set...w00t to the third power. Later that night we went to go see Music and Lyrics....OMG! Fantasticly funny, i'd go see it again just for the opening credits!!!
Yes that is Hugh Grant playing the piano!! ROFL OMG!!!!

So then sunday, we slept in and i WORKED ALL DAY LONG!!! I spent about $50 at autozone getting the stuff to change Rachel's Oil and i got new headlights for the truck, w00t w00t. Then i built an entire kitchen's worth of cabinets for my father-in-law, then came home and installed a flood-light for our side porch.

So yeah it was a busy weekend. still no word from Vystar on the job yet, but i'm still hopeful!

Until our Swords part, and our backs break with bounty.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

*insert witty and humorous title here*

Ok so, today is a big day! I've got my second interview with Vystar today with one of their call center managers. If this interview goes well, they'll extend the job offer to me! w00t w00t!

In other news, i think i split one of my teeth 2 days ago. My mouth is in a lot of pain right now, it's on the left side of my mouth on the top. It's a throbbing pain and feels like i need to rip out my tooth! I end up taking 2 tylenol and 2 advil about every 4 hours to make it managable. Last night i went to bed before american idol was ove.....i mean manly manivision! I definately wasn't watching american idol. *shifty eyes*

Bruiser is being a bit of a pain right now, he figured out a way to climb over the baby gate we bought to keep him out of the halls and bedrooms. I was really proud of how smart he was to figure out how to do it, but now he does it all the time and we are trying to keep him from doing it all the time. He also pooped in the kitchen last nite *sigh* We really need to get him into training.

As noted in Emily's Blog, 300 comes out tonite at midnight! I really want to see it!!! I say that a group of us plan on seeing it this weekend somewhere! I don't know if rachel wants to see it, she isn't a fan of gorey battles and the likes. Maybe we can have two groups one group can see the manly man movie (300) and the other group can see the fluffy cutesy loving girly movie (anything with hugh grant)

Also, in case you don't already know! Our wedding pictures are online now, so if you know me and want to see them, email me and i'll find a way to let you see them.

And thats the news.
I'm Ron Burgandy, you stay classy San Francisco.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Shake, Rattle, and Rant...

So, i hadn't realized just how large my font was in the last post and it makes it look like i rambled on for 2 screens. So in an effect to still rant like a mad man but make it look more managable, i've decided to use a smaller font in hopes to fool all of you!

So last night was pretty freakin awesome! Me, Rachel, and Bruiser went up to Five guys for dinner. Then we went to the beach and walked up and down that for a while. It was really nice to be just the two of us out and about. THe weather was really nice and we decided that we are going to try to do this on a weekly basis. Afterwards we went over to my mom's house and picked up a few of my things one of which was.......*cue FF end fight music* THE COMPUTER!!!!!! So, that's pretty exciting. I'm going to move iTunes onto my portable harddrive so that i can carry my library with me if need be. It will also allow me and rachel to upload all of our cd's onto the portable harddrive and leave our mine drive free of the 100+gigs of music that we have together on cd's and my vast computer library of music as well. BTW Josh and emily and i'm still looking for the string quartet tribute to Coheed and Cambria, as soon as i find it i'll let ya'll know.

We also brought home my gas powered airsoft beretta *excited* This is by far my favorite airsoft gun. The epic sexiness of this pistol is unmatched in the airsoft world. I don't know how much airsoft i'll be playing anymore, but with the gas powered and my l33t spring rifle i should be ready for just about anything. I had the spring crono'd with 3 shots at 472, 468, 478. The pistol only hits for around 390-420. The only drawback (but also really neat feature) to the rifle is that it actually actually ejects spent shells after each shot, you have to pull back the bolt to reload and the shell pops out. This is bad if you in a big field and have to hunt down the shells after each match.

I'm hoping to go out and play some paintball again soon. I need to get a new O ring for my expansion chamber, i cracked it the last time we played and haven't fixed it yet. I'd like to invest in an electronic hopper before i go back out, but i don't know if funds and time will allow that.

As far as the comic scene goes i think the only way i would ever be able to do one is by ripping graphics from a game similar to how used to do them. I don't have time to really play games anymore, but i know that you can download a UO client onto your computer and play around in a world by yourself... *evil grin* which leads to many silly ideas and thoughts for comedic situations. Another idea would be to just create signatures for forums and the likes. I've gotten plenty of ideas from one of the forums that i read and have even made some myself. These could be modified but here are the sigs so far:

I'm not sure though if there's a huge demand MS paint-made signatures. They seem to work for what i use them for, but *sigh* perhaps this is all just a pipe dream. If you support this cause....encourage me!!!! Otherwise...GO TO HALIBUT!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

First Post, Rant, and Rave.....

Ok So the only real reason that i even started a blog is because i saw josh's and i need something to do with my free time at work or otherwise.

Work is, well work. With the Department getting shutdown at an unannounced date it makes work difficult and it's hard to get motivated at all. Most of the calls i recieve during the day are the same things over and over again.

"...why does my billing statement show two payments due..."

"...The billing statement was sent out before we recieved your last payment, please disregard that..."


"...why is there a late charge on my account..."

"...We recieved your payment 15 days after the DUEDATE, therefore a latefee was assessed on the account..."

It's just the same 5 situations that i keep hearing, occasionally i get a call that is different, but it's getting old. Before they told us that we were being let go, i had the motivation to keep doing my job because i believed that i was working towards a promotion or a new position higher up in the company. Now that there aren't going to be any promotions it's hard to stay motivated and keep doing the same job.

*Sigh* but enough about the old Job. I had an assessment at Vystar to work in their call center and i passed, so now i have an interview setup on Monday. I'm really hoping that they offer me the job since it would be so close to home and i'd be making more than i am now.

Bruiser, our 8 week old german shepard puppy, seems to be adapting really well to his life with us. He's become very playful at night, running around the house and barking at himself in the mirror....unfortunately he did try to hump my leg twice last nite.. *angry face*... Rachel laughed at me and decided to call her mom and tell her. At night he normally whines for 15-20 minutes before he finally realizes no one is going to let him out.

Rachel and I, are looking for something new and exciting to do during the week so we don't feel trapped inside the house. I suggested building a go-kart.....but she voted against that. So if anyone has any ideas, please help us out. We'd like to include bruiser in it since we are trying to keep him in the cage as little as possible.

I think i'm decided to try my hand at a web comic ....


Ok so being a credit bereau specialist appearently means that anyone can call me at anytime and demand that i correct some issue with their credit rating *throat punches the customer*

Back to the web comic.....I'm not even sure how i would set it up. I can't draw very well so means i can't really do comics like or I can't really paint so that leaves out the style of The only one that might be an option for in terms of style would be w/o the language.

Oh well.... maybe i'll collaborate with an artist and figure something out.

Alright it's lunch time, and today is potluck...see you all in about 10 chicken wings!