Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Vini Vici Victum eBlogger!

vinco vici victum : conquer, overcome, master, win, surpass, excel


So, reason's why i hate eBlogger!

It's really only one reason and i'm not sure if it's just my computer at work or if anyone else runs into this same problem.

When ever i make an update to my eblog, it dosen't seem to show up. In fact my blogger title stills shows as "Reasons i don't have a beard" as opposed to "Malice in Wonderland."

The only way i can find to show my new posts is to go to the Year marker on the side column and show all the posts made for that year, THEN and only THEN will it show my new posts, and if i leave the page and then come back to it later, i'll have to do it again. Does this happen to anyone else? I noticed it on Josh and Emily's blogs as well. I missed 3 blogs from emily because she surpasses my postnicity but josh had only posted one that i missed.

Also, it will sometimes say 0 comments, but i'll find if i click, i do in fact have comments that aren't registering. Is this happening to anyone else?

*sigh* on an up note....i've discovered that latin makes really mundane phrases sound amazing! Find an english to latin converter on the internet somewhere and translate something simple or stupid like the dog runs to the fence, or Tyranny is the mantle of those too weak to fight for truth.......

See what it comes out to, it may take a little bit to figure out how to decipher to roots and breakdowns of latin, but it's alot of fun!

Now back to my book. Just finished book 4 of the Avatar Series, Last book and then i can start something new!

Until our swords part and our backs are broken from bounty!


Emily said...

Hmmm. My blog doesn't do that. I haven't noticed the comment thing either, it usually shows when I have comments and when I don't. I HAVE noticed that blogger is reeeeally slow at times which is annoying.

In other news, we get our apartment keys today! I'm trying to avoid using the U-Haul that I reserved b/c it's expensive, so if you and Rachel have nothing to do & would like to lend your truck services (haha) next weekend or the weekend after, that would be amazing. ;) I will even buy yall lunch! Come on, you can't pass that up. =D

P.S. you still need to see 300!

Josh Ulrich said...

Hmm, i've never noticed the issue. It probably has something to do with the java/internet settings on the computer your using. *Shrug*

I'm reading the Gates of Fire right now, and it's pretty sweet.