Monday, March 12, 2007

New Title and Attitude!!!!

So i totally ripped my new title off of someone on Shadow Legacy. My title on there is the ArchMage Lathrop, but i saw Malice in Wonderland and thought it was witty. So being the dexterous theif that i am, i promptly stole the man's title and used it for my blog.

This weekend was pretty busy all around. I spent Saturday at the Chiropractor and then installing a ceiling fan in our living room. w00t w00t . It wasn't nearly as difficult as i thought it might have been. Later that day Rachel and I went to dinner at Panera and then went to movie stop where i finally found a used copy of Grey's Anatomy Season 2. With my $25 gift card, my $3.98 store credit, and my discount card i ended up only having to pay 15 cents for the box set...w00t to the third power. Later that night we went to go see Music and Lyrics....OMG! Fantasticly funny, i'd go see it again just for the opening credits!!!
Yes that is Hugh Grant playing the piano!! ROFL OMG!!!!

So then sunday, we slept in and i WORKED ALL DAY LONG!!! I spent about $50 at autozone getting the stuff to change Rachel's Oil and i got new headlights for the truck, w00t w00t. Then i built an entire kitchen's worth of cabinets for my father-in-law, then came home and installed a flood-light for our side porch.

So yeah it was a busy weekend. still no word from Vystar on the job yet, but i'm still hopeful!

Until our Swords part, and our backs break with bounty.

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Rachel said...

You are gold and silverrrrrr!

So what was that about going to see fluffy cutesy movies in the last post??? And now you're sharing the link to Music and Lyrics, which is DEFINITELY a chick flick. Perhaps you can fool everyone else, but I KNOW YOUR SECRET!!! Lest I remind you of the "daddy team." Oh you KNOW what I mean!

So I completely forgot that today I'm supposed to go with Ivy to tour the JaxPort terminal. FIELD TRIP!!!!!!! Yaayeee!!

I think more people would enjoy work if they got to go on field trips occasionally. You know? Why can't the whole office just go to the Zoo one day? Or we could go ice skating! I am all about field trips!

I lurrrve you!!