Saturday, April 5, 2008

A year later and many years wiser.

Ok So it's seriously been over a year since i last posted and the only people i knew who were posting on here have stopped now, emily shortly after me and josh a few months later as well. Lets see whats new in my life now. Well for starters, i did in fact get the job with vystar as mentioned in the last post....OVER A YEAR AGO! I've been working at Vystar for a year now in the Call center, and i've worked my way from team to team. I'm not on the mortgage team and pretty much do mortgages all day long....WHICH IS AMAZING! I seriously have had so much fun doing the mortgages, it feels like i specialize in a specific area now, as opposed to just doing EVERYTHING.

I'm back in school now after a HUGE break! Taking AMH2010, or American history to 1865 for those of you that don't have college classes memorized by there call number. Finals are in 4 weeks, *sigh* not really looking forward to them, but it'll be nice to have a class out of the way and get back on the horse again. I've made a few friends in the class, but the sad part is, unlike high school, i won't be seeing these people all the time. Once this class is over, they will go their seperate ways, and i'll go mine. I am signed up for 2 online classes come summer, so we are going to see how those go. Hopefully they won't be too bad, i'm taking Intro to Sociology (sp?) and World Geography....yeah i took random credit classes, whats it to you!!! I wanted to take state and local government to get a taste of Political Science, but there wasn't a class available for the times that i wanted, or with a professor that i liked. At current pace, i'll have my AA by the end of the spring semester of 2010....haha only 7 years after i graduated highschool....lame!!!! So far the plan is to still get a degree in history, though i'm also considering international studies and political science. I don't really know exactly what i want to do yeah, i know it's going to be in the social science area (History, Political Science, International Studies, Anthropology, etc etc) but i don't know exactly which it will be.

As for other things going on, this upcoming wednesday i'm have 6 teeth removed *shudders* 4 wisdom teeth and two mollars. Yeah, i'm not happy about it at all, and it's only the start of my massive dental surgery that i have to go through, although it is a huge part of it. The good news is, only 2 of the teeth *need* to be replaced, so that means, i don't have to get 6 new implans, only 2. The neat part is they are going to insert titanium robs into my jaw and then affix (sp?) caps onto the rods to replace the two mollars....yeah i'll be like a cyborg or something.

I also got new glasses, they are kind of similar to my older glasses in that they are a similar shape and color, but they are metal frames and way sexier! They also don't cost as much as my last glasses did. I went from Versace to Uptown Manhattan.

The DVD collection has got some overhaul done to it recently. We got rid of alot of older movies, some of which i'm sad to see go, but others that were just lame. We've gotten a few new ones as well as we are sitting pretty at around 300+ DVD's and about 40-50 Different box sets for TV shows. We finished Greys anatomy up to sn 3, didn't start watching sn 4. We are still watching the office regularly and have started watching american idol again. I gotta say, i'm a big fan of david cook, he's turned out to be a really good performer and he has a singing style that i really enjoy. My happiest moment was when Amanda got kicked of. Still waiting for David Archulleta to get kicked off though. So last tuesday was the return of Hells kitchen which i got to watch some of last season and really enjoyed it, so i'm planning on watching the entire season this year. Since my last post i watched all 3 seasons of lost and have started watching sn 4 on thursday nights, yeah that's definately become one of my favorite shows. I still try to watch numbers, but i only watch it on DVD now, same with the Unit.

Bruiser is still doign well, he's gotten alot bigger since my last post, but i don't think he's going to grow anymore. He's definately a mama's boy, but he loves his daddy too, =P. We are finally able to leave him out of his crate, in fact we put his crate in the attic, so he pretty much has free reign around the house now.

My mom is officially retired as of December 30th. CONGRATS MOM! haha now she has tooo much time, =P.

I'm still digging latin and have a phrase or two to share.
Bene, cum Latine nescias, nolo manus meas in te maculare

Well, if you don't understand plain Latin, I'm not going to dirty my hands on you

Cum catapultae proscriptae erunt tum soli proscript catapultas habebunt
When catapults are outlawed, only outlaws will have catapults

I'll try to post more often and post a new latin phrase or so to go with each post in order to help spread latin more.

So at the time of my last post i was reading the Avator Series of Forgotten realms and had only one book left to read. Since then i have read about 20+ different books easily, but i haven't been counting. My goal for this year is to read 36 new books. So far, i've fallen behind and have only read about 5 or 6 books this year. But one of the books that i read was the entire Lord of the Rings series in one massive hardbook edition! AMAZING! If you haven't read the books before, i highly recomend that you sit down and read it, or re-read it if you have. There is so much in the books that had to be cut from the movies. I'll be keeping everyone updated on the books that i'm reading as well as a review if it warrants one.

Lets see, what else is new. Music taste is pretty much the same, although i have some new bands that i've added to my collection of favorites. We actually got to see Jimmy Eat World and Silverchair in concert back in december, that was amazing! Although i gotta say, i was pretty disappointed when jimmy didn't do an encore.

Running out of things to post about, Things with Rachel are....well things with Rachel, if you want details, you prolly already know or you can ask me or her.

Josh and Emily Graduate in less than a month!! OMG that's crazy! I'm pretty impressed with both of them and can't wait to see what they are going to do in life. The sucky part is that they are both moving north this year and we won't get to see them as much. But we'll have friends that we can stay with when we head up there now.

Ok I think that that is just about everything so far. Maybe i'll actually get to keep up with posting now. But do i sign off with my old faithful: Until our swords part and our backs are broken from bounty! or do i go for a new sign off.

We'll do latin.
Da mihi basilia mille or "Kiss me with a thousand kisses."